The Custer County Kids Council (CCKC) is a collaborative effort among local nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and key individuals working together to facilitate and promote quality programs and services for all children and families prenatal through age 8 in Custer County. The Kids Council (CCKC) aspires to build community awareness of the needs of young children; foster cooperation and engagement among organizations; disseminate information and resources; provide professional development and coaching for organization staff; secure funding to facilitate collaborative projects; and advocate for needed change when necessary.

The CCKC was organized in 2017 to promote the goal of providing a local comprehensive early childhood system so all children and their families have equal access to quality programs and services that ensure every child in Custer County is healthy, valued, thriving, and ready to succeed in school and throughout life.

Custer County has a population density of 6 people per square mile with a total population of approximately 4,000 and an estimated 200-250 children at or below age 8.  Because we are so remote, our needs differ from those in surrounding counties; thus, it was decided that having a local council was the only way we could ensure expanding and improving local services and meeting our greatest needs.

The CCKC is one of 34 early childhood councils in Colorado that are part of the Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance.

 “Together, Councils improve the quality of learning environments to prepare young children to enter Kindergarten; build the resources and skills of families; ensure that families have access to social, physical, and mental health services; and deliver resources to increase the effectiveness of early childhood professionals.”



Our CCKC Board Members

Angela McCaffery  – Youth Director, West Custer County Library

Heather Zimmerman – Early Childhood Specialist; Solvista Mental Health, CCKC Steering Committee Member

Elizabeth McFalls –Early Childhood Director- Custer County Preschool/Custer County Childcare Center

Kathy Clark – Board Member, CCKC Chair

Beth Green – Board Member; CCKC Secretary

Sherry Wyatt- Immunization Nurse, Custer County Public Health

Laura Lockhart – Director, Custer County Department of Human Services

Michelle Caldwell – Parent Representative

Doreen Newcomb – C-1 District School Board

Mike McFall –Superintendent, C-1 School District 

Angela Shehorn – Director; Children First, Pueblo

Annette Vergilio– Member, Excellence in Education

Anna Powell – Board Member, CCKC Steering Committee Member

Jody Berg – Children’s Services Director, Starpoint, CCKC Steering Committee Member

Lori Jenkins – Kindred Kids Child Advocacy Center

Casey Carpenter- Custer County School Nurse, CCKC Vice-Chair

Kim Philia, LPC- Colorado Family Guidance

Jewel Wright- Custer County Preschool Teacher



Joe Vergilio- Principal, C-1 School District

Elliot Jackson- WCPA-Jones Theater/Wet Mountain Tribune 

Kevin Day – Board of County Commissioners

Heather Roberts – Director, Custer County Medical Center


Council Coordinator

Stacy Terrill


CCKC Bylaws

CCKC Bylaws_updated 201114